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We know our stuff, but can't know everything. In order to help you the best we can, we have researched the best information available on the internet and provided you with the links to access the information that will best help you. If you know of a website that could help our customers, let us know and we will make it happen. 

Canada's New Food Guide

Well how about this! Canada's new Food Guide has seen a drastic shift in 2019. Gone are portion sizes; recommendation to eat more plant based foods. They have even taken away the glass of milk from the picture and recommend water as the drink of choice. Here are some other changes we noticed; 

1 - Smaller amounts of whole grains which include bread. (Just an idea, try Zena's Gluten Free bread here at the store to help with this) 

2 - Cooking and eating at home encouraged. This helps in knowing what exactly is in the food you are eating and lets you control what goes in it. Lets face it it also really helps bring the family together at the dinner table. We encourage our kids to help cook the meals as well. Health Canada has added an entire recipe section to their website that is quite impressive. (check out our recipe section for some easy, delicious eat at home ideas as well)  

We applaud Health canada for their efforts as they are definitely on the right track. We encourage you to check out Canada's Food Guide for all the new helpful information.